Do I need any previous boating experience?

No we welcome both experienced and novices alike, and provide full training as per above. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like to ensure you are fully comfortable before setting off on your holiday.

What training do we receive?

Our Boat Handover Procedure is Quality Assured by the British Marine Federation. This includes a DVD presentation on locks, bridges and other manoeuvres and then a comprehensive instruction briefing on the boat itself.

Are canals easy to use?

Canal boating is a very relaxing and enjoyable way to travel. There are, however, locks and bridges that needs to be opened. You don’t need to be super fit but please ensure you have at least 1 member of the crew that is able to do these, some are 200 years old and rather stiff.

Is there a minimum crew size?

We do not hire our boats out to single crews due to the amount of bridges and locks there are to navigate through. Therefore a crew must have a minimum of 2 people. Crews with adults with restricted mobility or who need care may need extra crew.

What time can we pick up the boat?

Your boat will be ready from 1.00 pm and must be returned by 9.00 am.

Do you supply life Jackets?

Life jackets are issued to all those in the party that are 18 or under and anyone else above 18 that would like one.

Can we bring pets along?

We allow 2 well behaved small pets per boat but please ensure you bring your pets’ bed for it to sleep on.

Can we bring bikes?

Yes you can bring along bikes but please try to limit the number on the smaller boats as the only place to store them is on the roof and you will need to take care going through low bridges.
You will also need to bring a lock to secure the bikes to the roof of the boat overnight and when leaving the boat..

Are there restrictions on the times we can cruise?

You can only cruise during the daylight hours. The insurance is rendered invalid if you drive in the dark, or under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Can we park our cars at the boatyard?

We guarantee parking for a maximum of 2 cars per boat in our car park, there is no charge for this.

Where can I moor up?

You can moor up anywhere on the tow-path side with a few exceptions. Avoid lock waiting areas or mooring close to bridges, and please make sure that there are no signs regarding restrictions, as some areas may have a time limit on mooring times allowed. Generally there is no charge for mooring.

Is there a speed limits on the canal?

The maximum speed on narrow canals as 4mph. But if you’re making waves or your wash is hitting the bank, you’re going too fast. You are also required to slow down for moored boats. Fishermen also like you to slow down when passing them.

What route can I do?

You will have to do a there and back route unless you opt for a 3 weeks holiday.
A general guide for routes is as follows:

Going west towards Liverpool

Going west takes you through Skipton
3 night holiday – you could expect to reach either Gargrave or Bank Newton.
4 night holiday – you could expect to reach either Bank Newton or East Marton.
1 Weeks holiday – you could expect to reach Foulridge tunnel including going through the tunnel.

Going East towards Leeds

3 night holiday – you could expect to reach Saltaire or Shipley.

4 night holiday – you could expect to reach Shipley.
1 Weeks holiday – you could expect to reach Leeds

Can we fish?

Yes but please ensure you hold the appropriate rod/ fishing licence for the canal you are on. Please note no live bait is to be stored on board the boat.

Can we drink and drive?

While it is nice to relax and have a drink whilst cruising you are not allowed to drive the boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your damage waiver becomes invalid and we may have to ask you to leave the boat with no recompense.

What should we wear?

A canal holiday is very casual. Generally jeans and t-shirts or shorts and sunglasses, in case you are lucky enough to see any sunshine. Waterproofs are also a good idea. Non slip shoes such as trainers are essential as the boat and ground can become very slippery if the weather has been wet.

Are there any extras to pay for such as fuel deposits?

The price you paid for your holiday is everything included so there will be no hidden extras to pay for when you arrive.

What if we have a breakdown / problem during our holiday?

Our boats are well maintained but in the event of a breakdown or any other problem we have an on call number that is manned 24 hours a day should you need us.

Can we look at the boat before we book?

You are welcome to visit anytime, but please ring beforehand as during the season the boat you want to look at may be out on hire.

What facilities are on the boat?

Our boats are equipped with 240V and all have a full sized cooker with hob, a full sized fridge (including a small freezer section for ice), a TV DVD combo, radio, hairdryer and microwave.

Does the boat have 240v sockets to charge electrical items?

Yes there are plenty of sockets on board to charge items such as, mobile phones MP3 players and other items.

Do the boats have heating?

All our boats have diesel run central heating and the wide beams also have a solid fuel fire in the lounge area.

What bedding is provided?

Bed linen is provided, duvets, duvet covers,sheets, pillows and pillow cases. Please ensure that you return your arrivals advice at least 3 weeks prior to arrival to ensure we can have your beds set out as required.

What inventory is there on board?

Please see the link for a full list of items on board. Boat Inventory

Do you have cot sides?

Cot sides can be provided please state this on your arrivals advice.

Do you supply personal towels?

Personal towels are only supplied for overseas customers.

Can we drink the water on board?

Yes the tanks hold clean water which can be drunk.

Where do we get water?

There are places along the canal where you can top up your water. We suggest you top up whenever you see a water point to prevent running out.

Are there toilets on board?

Yes all boats have at least 1 toilet, many have 2. We ask you not to put anything other than human waste or toilet paper in the toilets. Otherwise they can easily be blocked and you may have to pay to have the toilet unblocked. This can also delay your cruising if you have to call for an engineer.

Please see the Canal and River trust site for more useful information click here